Desperate for Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Projects

Desperate for Inspiration: Fifty-Two Weekend Projects

The older I get, the more I do not like the cold. Now, I get why older people move to Florida!  So, when it is cold outside, I am not particularly excited about talking photos of what I love to take photos of the most – landscapes!

But, I am desperate to take some pictures! So, I looked around for inspiration for creative ideas for photography inside the house where it is warm! I found a book on Amazon entitled, 52 Weekend Digital Photo Projects.[1] So, one of the weekly features of this blog for the next 52 weeks will be projects on which I work from this book. I am going to share my results, my setup, and things I learned along the way. This book is broken up seasonally so it fits nicely with my goals for getting the book. IMG_0679

I invite you to join me, share your results, and offer suggestions for improvement for my results!

[1] No Author, 52 Weekend Digital Photography Projects (London: Carlton, 2015).

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