Lens Caps: Who Needs Them?

For my first tutorial on my blog, l am going to start off with something so fundamental to photography that it can be taken for granted or even disregarded – lens caps. For every lens you own, there should be front and rear lens caps to protect the glass on your lens. They protect your lens(es) from the elements, dust, and the awful thought of a scratch.

Why?  Let me give you a real-life example. A friend lent me a wide-angle lens. When I picked it up, he pointed out that there was a small scratch just off center on the front element of the lens.


Someone had not been careful with the lens and the scratch was likely to have been caused by it being thrown in the camera bag without a lens cap.  So, was this little scratch a big deal?  Let’s take a look at a picture I took and see if we can see anything wrong with the image.

Welcome Center, City Square, McDonough, Georgia.

After I processed this photo, I noticed a smudge in the photo that I could not account for (see the red circle).  It did not occur to me until later that it was probably the scratch on the lens.

You may have a lot of money, so this may not matter to you that much.  Well, for a broke photographer like me who doesn’t make a fortune, the thought of buying a new lens because it was needlessly scratched doesn’t appeal to me much.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new lenses, I choose to keep several extra lens caps in my camera bag – just in case.  You can purchase a two-pack of front body caps and rear lens caps online for only $6.99.  An objective lens cap is only $9.  That’s a small price to pay to keep your gear safe!

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