The Accidental Find

Today, I worked from home. After lunch, I grabbed my camera and went to Heritage Park in McDonough, Georgia.  I have been newly inspired by a couple of landscape photographers who insisted that overcast days are great for landscape and nature photography.  I particularly enjoyed the approach one photographer takes on simplistic, minimalist photography.  So, I wanted to try to replicate some of his work on leaves that are changing in the fall.  Leaves change later in Georgia, so it was a perfect time to walk around before getting back to work.

I was at Heritage park only about fifteen minutes, when I saw some leaves that I wanted to shoot.

Heritage Park, McDonough, Georgia

I was so focused on the composition of the leaves that I was genuinely startled when I say the tree that was growing these leaves!  It turns out that this tree, which is marked for conservation and preservation, is a Willow Oak that is over three hundred years old. Here are a couple of black-and-whites I took of her.

Willow Oak, Heritage Park, McDonough, Georgia
Willow Oak, Heritage Park, McDonough, Georgia

More and more often, I set out with an personal assignment in my head but am surprised by something completely different. Today, the plan was minimalist photos of leaves changing in the fall. I ended up taking a picture of a tree that was around during the War of Independence for the U.S.!

This little walk cost me nothing but fuel and the few pennies I spend daily for Lightroom Classic CC.

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